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Partners in Recovery Model

GPIR focuses on those who have a severe and persistent mental illness with complex support needs that require a response from multiple agencies.

These individuals have persistent symptoms, significant functional impairment and psychosocial disability, and may have become disconnected from social or family support networks.

They may have other health issues (comorbidity) or substance use occurring alongside their mental illness. They may have difficulty maintaining stable accommodation, or in completing the basic activities of daily life.

These individuals often fall through the gaps in the health and welfare system and need more intensive support to effectively address the complexity of their needs.

As a result these individuals often rely on multiple health and community services to maintain their lives within the community and outside institutional care.

For more information on the Recovery Model click here.

Transition Support Project

The purpose of the Transition Support Project is to support PIR and D2DL organisations during the national rollout of the NDIS to 2018-19.  It will provide support in three core ways:

  1. Helping PIR and D2DL organisations engage with the NDIA;
  2. Creating opportunities to share effective strategies for transitioning eligible clients to the NDIS; and
  3. Equipping PIR and D2DL organisations with the knowledge and tools to become providers of NDIS services

Flinders University has been appointed as the NDIS Transition Support Project provider.  Further information on the Transition Support Project can be found at

FAQ – Professionals

  • What is the area?
  • Who is involved?
  • Who can make a referral?
  • What to expect when a referral is made.
    • You will receive an referral acknowledgement
    • A GPIR Facilitator will contact you about the referral outcome after our weekly intake meeting
    • If your referral is not eligible for service, the Facilitator will discuss other referral options for your client
    • Facilitator will assist to build and coordination a support system around the GPIR client of which the referrer may be part of

Consider GPIR as a resource to assist you with your complex mental health clients

We are not a crisis service