The Partners in Recovery Model
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The recovery framework we use to support an individual’s journey to recovery is the Mental Health Recovery Star. Developed by Triangle Consulting in the United Kingdom, the Recovery Star:

  • Values services user perspectives and enables empowerment and choice
  • Supports recovery and social inclusion
  • Is holistic, covering all the major dimensions linked to recovery.

The Mental Health Recovery Star

When we meet with a client to identify their needs we use the Mental Health Recovery Star. The information captured in this assessment is used to monitor their progress and develop their individual Action Plan. The Recovery Star looks at 10 domains of living (managing mental health, physical health & self care, living skills, social networks, work, relationships, addictive behaviours, responsibilities, identity & self esteem, and trust & hope) and for each area there is a Ladder of Change to help clients, their carers and family and support system monitor their progress. This model for recovery helps us to see the big picture – the areas of life working well and the areas causing difficulties. It helps GPIR and the client to agree what we need to work on, and decide the actions and the support needed.
Mental Health Recovery Star